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Latest SCCWRP publications

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Schiff, K.C., J.F. Griffith, J.A. Steele, A.G. Zimmer-Faust, J.A. Soller. 2019. Inner Cabrillo Beach Microbial Source Tracking and Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA). Technical Report 1068. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20191068Microbial Risk Assessment, Microbial Source Tracking, Microbial Water Quality

Parker, S.R., S.K. Adams, R.W. Lammers, E.D. Stein, B.P. Bledsoe. 2019. Targeted hydrologic model calibration to improve prediction of ecologically-relevant flow metrics. Journal of Hydrology 573:546-556.

Journal Article20191069Ecohydrology

McCune, K., R.D. Mazor. 2019. Review of Flow Duration Methods and Indicators of Flow Duration in the Scientific Literature: Arid Southwest. Technical Report 1063. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20191063Bioassessment, Ecohydrology

Lao, W., K.A. Maruya, D. Tsukada. 2019. An exponential model based new approach for correcting aqueous concentrations of hydrophobic organic chemicals measured by polyethylene passive samplers. Science of the Total Environment 646:11-18.

Journal Article20191044Emerging Contaminants

Schiff, K.C., K. McLaughlin, S.L. Moore, Y. Cao. 2019. Southern California Bight. in: C. Sheppard (ed.), World Seas: An Environmental Evaluation pp. 465-482. Academic Press. London, UK.

Book Chapter20191051Regional Monitoring, Southern California Bight Regional Monitoring Program

Doughty, C.L., K.C. Cavanaugh, R.F. Ambrose, E.D. Stein. 2019. Evaluating regional resiliency of coastal wetlands to sea level rise through hypsometry‐based modeling. Global Change Biology 25:78-92.

Journal Article20191056Climate Change, Sea Level Rise

Bednarsek, N., R.A. Feely, M. Beck, O. Glippa, M. Kanerva, J. Engstrom-Ost. 2018. El Niño-Related Thermal Stress Coupled With Upwelling-Related Ocean Acidification Negatively Impacts Cellular to Population-Level Responses in Pteropods Along the California Current System With Implications for Increased Bioenergetic Costs. Frontiers in Marine Science 5:486.

Journal Article20181065Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Zimmer-Faust, A.G., C.A. Brown, A. Manderson. 2018. Statistical models of fecal coliform levels in Pacific Northwest estuaries for improved shellfish harvest area closure decision making. Marine Pollution Bulletin 137:360-369.

Journal Article20181061Microbial Water Quality

Lane, B.A., S. Sandoval-Solis, E.D. Stein, S.M. Yarnell, G.B. Pasternack, H.E. Dahlke. 2018. Beyond Metrics? The Role of Hydrologic Baseline Archetypes in Environmental Water Management. Environmental Management DOI:10.1007/s00267-018-1077-7.

Journal Article20181060Ecohydrology

Afrooz, A.R.M.N., K.C. Schiff. 2018. Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Unified Approach to Stormwater Monitoring. Technical Report 1059. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20181059Regional Monitoring, Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition, Stormwater And Urban Runoff